Friday, 3 February 2012


...السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ..


The day after tomorrow will be Maulidurrasul or in my calendar, it said Prophet Muhammad's birthday..thus, we as Prophet Muhammad's ummat, lets pray and Selawat for him more frequently than we did before..

we love Nabi Muhammad and hope to get Syafa'at from him right? so, plz don't just sit still or just sing our favourite song with joy, because LOVE is something that need proof! Is it ok if we just say we love someone for example our parents, without call them to ask about their health and faith condition? can we love someone without pray  for his/her peaceful and prosperous?

The answer is absolutely NO right?? so, same goes here, we said we love Nabi Muhammad, we need to do his Sunnah, and Selawat for him,,it is not too hard, just a few words, "Allahumma Solli 'Ala Muhammad.." (the simplest selawat as there are so many kind of selawat that we can use)

Here i would like to share one story, when i attended a program named GLAM (stand for Gathering Soul of Muslimah) in Surau Akasia on passed Wednesday, one of the muslimat gave a tazkirah, she said, 

" do u want to be glamour? not to be glamour in here, but to be glamour within ''penghuni langit". in order for us to be glamour in front of "penghuni langit", we need to selawat, selawat and selawat. this is because when we selawat, our selawat and salam will be conveyed to Rasulullah by Malaikat (part of ''penghuni langit'') together with our name.
For instance, when we selawat towards Nabi Muhammad in the morning, Malaikat will tell Nabi, "Ya Rasulullah,,there is one of your ummat, Fulan binti Si Fulan send her regards for u".

and then, in the evening, when we selawat again for Rasulullah, our name will be told to Rasulullah again, so the more we selawat to Nabi, the more ''glamour'' ourselves in front of Rasulullah,,therefore,don't u want to be one of the glamour person?

Thus, lets start selawat, selawat and selawat for our dearest Rasulullah SAW..may Allah see our effort and bless us in Iman and Taqwa..insyaAllah..

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