Monday, 13 February 2012

THE GIFT : will remain in my heart,insyaAllah~

...السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ..


For this entry, i would like to share about..THE GIFT..n there are 3 GIFT i want to mention here..and of course the first one is.........

yes..this is THE GIFT that stand for The Greatness In al-Fatihah..which is the second project of ALiS (ALumni i-prokhaS), last saturday..i felt very grateful that my friends and i manage to conduct this programme, and surely, thank you very very very much to Ust Ridha to be such a fantastic moderator..and also ust affuan and cikgu hassan, last but not least,, thanks to all the participants from intec or non-intec..thank you soo much..May Allah bless us,,and permit us to improve ourselves, our iman, and our taqwa..insyaAllah..

the picture above, is one of the creative n wonderful idea from promotion and multimedia committee, credit to : mad, afiqah, aisar n all of their sub committee..

and this second picture : some of my ALiS^crew's friends..they are really nice and always willing to sacrifice time, effort and money for dakwah especially THE GIFT..it's very hard to find such a good friend like them...

like our President said.."seorang KAWAN amat senang utk di cari,,tetapi seorg SAHABAT tersangat lah sukar utk di temui.."

thank you so much to all 27 ALis^crew members....may our friendship lasting in this world and the world here after...n may Allah see our effort and reward us with Jannah..amiin..

and here,,the best teammates ever..thansk a lot!! (sorry to nadia, shada, juju, mad n other crews that didn't have the opportunity to take pic together as they have works to do at that moment,,but still it's ok,,don't be sad ok,,we will snap pic together tomorrow with our ALiS^crew's t-shirt :)

=>  and now..i want to share about the second GIFT from Allah to me..she will fly high to Otago,New Zealand tonight.. :( Ekin..i wish u to have a safe journey under Allah's bless..amiiinnn..n plz..don't forget me..uhibbuki fillah..fid dunya wal aakhiraahh..

pic : me (left), ekin (centre) with my housm8,eeda (right) (n sory to ati : my other housm8) as at this moment ati went to surau,
(this pic was taken when ekin came to akasia to take her certificate and went to her pre-departure)
this laughter, may it remain in our mind..our heart..

=> lastly,,,
the third and the last GIFT from Allah for me that i would like to share here..i cannot story what it is exactly..but what i can tell, i felt very grateful..
definitely,,i can just pray for her..that she will istiqomah in the right path..in Allah's bless..i will always pray for u ya sahabati...  :)   

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